Presto Transfer Skype

Presto Transfer Skype Version 3.42 Free trial

Backup and transfer your Skype contacts and settings between PCs

Nowadays, users seldom use a single device, be it a personal computer at their home or office, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or any other computing device. This sometimes mean that should you use Skype on several different devices you'll have to waste precious time setting your preferences on each device and making sure your contacts are available on each device.
Alternatively, instead of trying to complete this feat manually and give room for mistakes and errors, you can try using Presto Transfer Skype. This small yet efficient application automates the transferal of your Skype Contacts and Settings from one computer or device to another. As soon as you install the program you can launch its intuitive and helpful wizard in order to create a self-extracting transfer archive consisting of your important data. This self-extracting archive can later be sent to the device on the other hand and by a simple act all of the information kept within it can be restored. In addition, the transfer archive can be automatically burnt to CD/DVD, copied onto a USB MP3 player or a removable drive, shared or even sent to a remote FTP server.
The software program offers a free trial version, but one that will only let you create the transfer file, and not restore the information kept on it. In order to enjoy the full process you'll have to purchase the program, and we don't think its developers accept collecting stamps as payment, neither do they accept your collection of pristine shower-singing recordings.
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